Get started with Drive Enterprise

The flexibility you need to collaborate intelligently in the cloud

Drive Enterprise enables you to transform how your business stores, accesses, and secures files, all without extensive change management. Drive Enterprise is a standalone offering with usage-based pricing that includes all the features of Drive.

Simple, usage-based pricing

Drive Enterprise is a standalone offering for $8/active user/month + $0.04/GB. It includes sharing controls, Vault, data loss prevention, BigQuery data access, Apps Script, and Cloud Identity Basic. Through the end of this year, if you purchase Drive Enterprise, you can use Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites at no additional cost.

Manage all your content securely

Control and protect even the most complex, demanding content systems while giving your teams access to what they need. Data loss prevention (DLP), Vault for comprehensive e-discovery, and protected Team Drives all help you keep content secure while maintaining Drive’s intuitive collaboration experience.

Save time and focus on work that matters with predictive search

Powered by innovative artificial intelligence, Drive Enterprise predicts and surfaces what you need in real time. Important content, collaborators, and events are identified by interpreting signals from across your business and then features like Quick Access and ML-based search enhancements help connect each user with what they’re looking for.

Easy to transition, easy to use

Drive Enterprise is designed for simplified change management at every step of adoption. Migration tools are included to provide a smooth transition to the cloud. And with the Drive Enterprise mobile app and Drive File Stream, users can access files on the go or on demand from their desktops without consuming disk space. Users can also open and comment on 60+ file types, including real-time collaboration on Microsoft files, so they can keep their favorite tools and workflows. Fill out this form to get started.

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